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OTAVALO .- Ancient Culture

Otavalo is a small town located in the northern Andean region of Ecuador, renowned for its vibrant marketplaces, cultural traditions, and stunning natural scenery. If you’re looking for a unique travel experience, Otavalo is definitely worth a visit. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top tourist places to visit in Otavalo, including their location, schedule, and pricing, as well as some local traditions, recommended eateries, and more.


1. Otavalo Market

One of the most famous attractions in Otavalo is its bustling market, which takes place every Saturday. Here, you’ll find a dizzying array of textiles, crafts, and other handmade goods, all made by local artisans. Otavalo is located at 1 hour and a half from Hotel Casona 1914, you can ask for a driver or directions to go since our hotel. Entrance to the market is free, but you’ll need cash to buy anything.


2. Cuicocha Lake

If you’re looking for some natural beauty, head to Cuicocha Lake, a stunning crater lake located about 30 minutes from Otavalo. You can hike around the lake, take a boat ride, or even go fishing. Admission to the lake costs $2, and boat rides start at $10 per person.


3. Peguche Waterfall

Another popular natural attraction in Otavalo is the Peguche Waterfall, located just a few minutes from the town center. The waterfall is surrounded by lush forest and is considered a sacred site by the local people. Entrance to the waterfall costs $2.


4. Museo Otavalango

To learn more about the local culture and history, check out the Museo Otavalango. This small museum features exhibits on everything from traditional textiles to indigenous farming practices. Admission is $2.


5. Plaza de los Ponchos

Another market worth checking out is the Plaza de los Ponchos, which is open every day and features a wide variety of textiles, clothing, and other goods. You can also find some great food here, including traditional Ecuadorian dishes like ceviche and empanadas.


6. Cotacachi Leather Market

If you’re looking for high-quality leather goods, head to the Cotacachi Leather Market, located about 20 minutes from Otavalo. Here, you’ll find everything from shoes to jackets, all made by skilled local artisans. Prices vary depending on the item.


7. Inti Raymi Festival

If you happen to be in Otavalo during the month of June, don’t miss the Inti Raymi Festival, a celebration of the summer solstice that features traditional music, dance, and food. The festival lasts for several days and is a great way to experience the local culture.


8. Traditional Clothing

One of the most striking things about Otavalo is the traditional clothing worn by the local people. Women wear long, flowing skirts and embroidered blouses, while men often wear ponchos and fedoras. You can even buy traditional clothing for yourself at one of the markets.


9. Recommended Eateries

When it comes to food, there are plenty of great options in Otavalo. For traditional Ecuadorian cuisine, head to Restaurante La Luna or Restaurante Los Ponchos. For something a bit more upscale, check out La Mirage Garden Hotel and Spa, which serves gourmet dishes made with local ingredients.


As you can see, there’s plenty to see and do in Otavalo, from shopping at the markets to exploring the natural beauty of the area. With its rich cultural traditions and friendly locals, Otavalo is sure to be a memorable stop on your Ecuadorian itinerary.


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